The Captain (El Capitan /Agathla Peak)

The Vanishing American: Half an hour of a gradual climb brought Marian out on top of a ridge from which she soon saw into the distance. How splendid a scene greeted her! Withers had waited for her, evidently anticipating her delight.

"Thought you'd like this ten-mile strip," he said. "The big black rock standing out of the plain is called 'the Captain.'  (Chapter V)

Down Into the Desert: The next day at one o’clock, after the long and strenuous first packing of the mules, always laborsome and difficult, we left Kayenta and rode out across the desert toward El Capitan. Beyond El Capitan showed the
tips of the monuments of Monument Valley.

Zane Grey's horse with El Capitan behind him.

A second view of El Capitan from Zane Grey's 1922 party riding toward the rocky wonder.