Pahute Canyon Rim (West Rim, Paiute Canyon)

 Some of the most romantic and most picturesque verbage in The Vanishing American occurred when Marian reached the top of her climb on the Paiute Canyon Lower Crossing Trail:

Illustration showing Marian Warner following the Pahute Trail where she will soon meet Nophaie. (Pruett Carter 1922)

The Vanishing American: 
With an uplift of head Marian swept the rim above. An Indian stood silhouetted against the gold of the sky...
"Nophaie!" whispered Marian with a leap of her heart.
Wheeling away wtih swift strides, shot through and through with a current of fire, she began the last few zig zags of the trail... Dizzy, half-blind, with bursting heart she went on, upward toward Nophaie.  He was coming...
She saw the gorge, a blue abyss, yawning down into the purple depths of Pahute Canon. But she was unable to move.  Nophaie held her close, her cheek against his chest. [I'll confirm this word]
"Benow di Cleash!"
"Nophaie!" (Chapter VI)

Zane Grey and friends ascending the Paiute Trail to the Paiute Canyon Rim 

First Hand Identification:
Harvey Leake, the great-grandson of John and Louisa Wetherill, frequently hikes the same trails as John.  From The Vanishing American text, he has identified West Rim of Paiute Canyon above the lower crossing as the location where Nophaie and Marian Warner met after Warner came west to be with the Navajo hero.