Austhon Sosie Mesa (Azansosi Mesa)

Vanishing American: Her heart was full. To the fore stretched the trail, winding through the sage. It led her under the shadow of the ponderous red mesa, a massive butte with columns like an organ, standing out alone in the desert. (Chapter V)

Down Into the Desert: Austhon Sosie Mesa, named after Mrs Wetherill, was our objective camp site for that night. We saw it—a massive red butte, with columns like a pipe organ—standing out in the desert, far from the main wall of the uplands.

Rider looking at Austhon Sosie Mesa.  Austhon Sosie means "Slim Woman" in the Navajo language and is the nickname given to Louisa Wetherill by her Navajo friends. Louisa was a friend both to Zane Grey and to all American Indian people. (Courtesy of USU Special Collections, Merrill-Cazier Library.)