Valley of the Gods (Monument Valley)

Zane Grey and lady friend look across Monument Valley.

The Vanishing American: It meant much to her, to tread on the earth that had known Nophaie's boyhood feet, to see the wildrock towers that had shadowed his birthplace. Magnificent monuments, pillars and columns and shafts, all reflecting the gold and red of the sunset, far away and infinitely lonely, speared the horizon line and the white clouds. Valley of Gods! (Chapter V)

Down Into the Desert: Behind us the shafts of Monument Valley slowly rose out of the red lands, it seemed, until, as we topped the high divide, they stood up on a level with us, the same red strata, faraway, now lofty, aloof, stupendous and grand. I watched them for hours, and every time I turned they impressed me the more—dark red and majestic against the white clouds!

Zane Grey, in his typical pose looking away from the camera, looking across Monument Valley from the back of his horse.