Nothsis Ahn (Navajo Mountain)

The Vanishing American: Above the red wall to the west loomed up a black-and-white dome—a mountain height, pure with snow, fringed by pine—and this was Nothsis Ahn, the home of Utsay, the god of the Indians. He dwelt there with Utsay Asthon, his woman, and together they had made the sun out of fire—they had made all. Utsay was the Great Spirit, and sometimes he communed with the medicine men through their sand-paintings. Nophaie that morning, as he turned from the sunrise to the looming mountain, had breathed a prayer to his Great Spirit. (Chapter I

Down Into the Desert: In the morning we toiled down under the brow of Navajo Mountain and then entered that region which had appeared so green and level and inviting. It was a deceit. The expected level was a place of many hills and hollows, some rock, some sandy, all hard going.

Zane Grey expedition passing two hogans and sheep with Navajo Mountain in the background.