Kaidab (Kayenta)

The Vanishing American: Kaidab trading post showed striking aspects of life and activity. Marian looked and looked, with mounting delight and wonder.

First there were a number of the shaggy Indian ponies, unhaltered, standing with uplifted heads, and black rolling eyes askance on the mail carrier's car. Several were without saddles, having blankets tied on their backs; one was of a cream color almost pink, with strange light eyes and wonderful long mane and tail; most of them were a reddish bay in color; and there was a fiery little black that took Marian's eye. (Chapter IV)

Down Into the Desert: We rested several days at Kayenta, where I watched the Navajos with ever-growing pity and talked endlessly with the Wetherills.

Horse at the Wetherill Trading Post in Kayenta, AZ being packed for Zane Grey trip to Rainbow Bridge (1922)

The Vanishing American: Huge bags of burlap containing wool were being packed into a wagon by Indian freighters. And Indians were lounging around, leaning against the stone wall of the trading post.

The lady in the dark dress to the far right is Louisa Wetherill.

The Wetherill home adjacent to the trading post in Kayenta, AZ.

This is an amazing photo and map of Kayenta, AZ C.a. 1940 showing properties including the Wetherill Trading Post and home.  To see an enlarged version, click on the photo; then click again on the photo in the page that opens. It is worth the effort.