Ruhr, Glendon and Naylor

In any mystery, it is critical that you identify the killers.  In this case it won't take long to identify the men involved in assassinating Do etin in the novel and the men who inspired them.


The Vanishing American:

"Wal, it was owin' to some new rulin' or other Blucher ordered," went on the farmer. "Do etin refused to obey, as I heered the story. When Rhur with his deputies, Glendon and Naylor, tried to arrest Do etin he fought—an' they had to kill him." (Chapter XIII)

Ashley Wilson, indicted for firing the bullet that killed Taddy Tin

U.S. Attorney Flynn Investigation:

..up until the point of Robertson’s seizing his wrists, both Robertson and Wilson had been talking very friendly with him… Robertson seized him by both wrists, which most naturally caused him to pull back; that thereupon Wilson pounced upon him from the left side and immediately began shooting at him; that during all this time Nash stood guard at the opening of the “hogan”, and when the women and children sought to escape covered them with his gun, and kept them “lined up” even after they had made their exit. According to Runke’s instructions to the three men, they were directed to bring Taddy Tin “on a stretcher” , if necessary.