Thank You

Movie poster, The Vanishing American, 1925

In the background of this "Vanishing American" movie poster there are more American Indians than one can count.  The same is true when we attempt to acknowledge the number of individuals and organizations to be thanked for their role in helping this web story come to pass; but we are, nonetheless, going to try.  If we miss someone, let us know.  In this digital world, it's easy to add you later and we will be happy to do so.

Before naming anyone else, we need to thanks the Navajo, Hopi and Paiute people who lived the "Vanishing American Experience."  It's a trajedy that Zane Grey had to write a novel to bring your ancestor's situation to public attention.  Though conditions have improved, we are sorry they have not yet risen to an appropriate level.

Next we need to thank Zane Grey for writing The Vanishing American and to The Ladies Home Journal, Harpers Brothers Publishing, Five Star Westerns and Paramount Pictures (and other productions) from bringing his story into the light of day.

Specific to this web story, we thank Zane Grey's Society members Henry Nardi, Harvey Leake and Ed Meyer for the hundreds of hours they spent on this production. 

From this point on, space does not allow us to define everyone's specific contribution. Some are, sadly, no longer with us.  Many provided access to documents that greatly helped our research.  Many contributed images which we appropriately credited.  We hope you will all understand:

Terry Bolinger

Alan Pratt

Rosanne Vrugtman

Dr. Joseph Wheeler

Dr. Loren Grey

Carolyn Timmerman

Luca Galuzzi

James Hanks

Pruett Carter

Donna Ashworth

Bryan Newland

Francis Gillmor

Mike Vendetti

Edward Curtis

Brigham Young University, L. Tom Perry Collections

Utah State University, Special Collections

The Wetherill Family Collection

Northern Arizona University, Special Collections

University of Arizona, Special Collections

University of Pennsylvania, Penn Libraries

Bethel College, Mennonite Library and Archives

Arizona Memory Project

Museum of Northern Arizona

Arizona Department of Education

United States Attorney General’s Office

The Bureau of Indian Affairs

United States National Archives

Project Gutenberg-Australia

Paramount Pictures

Wikipedia and Creative Commons

Dell Comics (Zane Grey Comics