Hills of Glass (Glass Mountain)

Zane Grey expedition riding up "dome" on Glass Mountain

The Vanishing American:  Once more the character of the slope changed. The solid gleaming granite gave way to soft red sandstone; and the long reaches of ledge and short steps to wide zigzags, the corners of which turned on promontories that sheered out over the depths. Marian found the going easier here, and if she had not been worn out she would have climbed well. As it was she dragged her weary feet, slow step after step, up the long slants of trail. (Chapter VII)

Down Into the DesertHere came the most danger of the trip. These slopes were smooth and bare and steep. They had to be ascended and descended. Hills of Glass! Our horses followed in our tracks, coming too fast uphill, and stepping very shortly and carefully going down. If a horse slipped he would almost of a certainty knock his leader down a slope.

Zane Grey expedition walking up Glass Mountain as described by Marian Warner described in The Vanishing American

Zane Grey expedition going over Glass Mountain ridge with wrangler bring up the rear.  Wranglers often follow their guests and horses so they can better see whether their guests, mounts or pack animals are struggling.