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"Salmon of Newfoundland" by R.C. Grey, Outdoor Life, October 1932

Zane Grey never wrote an account of his 1929 Atlantic salmon fishing trip to Newfoundland... maybe!  In 1932, Zane Grey was in serious financial trouble like many people during the Great Depression.  His woes were exacerbated by troubles with the IRS, costs of maintaining his ship, Fisherman II, and a desire to continue fishing waters around the world.  However, he had promised his wife, Dolly, that he would not negotiate contracts for his works and she was tightly controlling their pocketbook.

During these challenges, his brother (R.C. Grey) published articles in the October edition of Outdoor Life followed by "Part II" in that publication's November edition. [click on these links and you can read these magazine articles in their entirety.] His writing style was strikingly similar to Zane's.  So did Zane ghost write these articles to earn a little side money not controlled by his wife?   This is, of course, conjecture.

One thing about R.C.'s articles is that they only covered those portions of the Newfoundland adventure that occurred while the Ondina was jumping from one river to the next east of Port aux Basques.  However, photos of the trip prove that at least some of the fishing party fished in other waters on "The Rock"after the Ondina returned to Port aux Basques.  

Regardless, these articles provide a fascinating, first-hand account of the towns, rivers and people in Newfoundland.  

Cover, Outdoor Life, October 1932

Cover, Outdoor Life, November 1932

R.C. Grey's Outdoor Life Articles