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Chronological Listing of his Works
Ohio River Trilogy
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Miscellaneous Works
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Comic Books
First Editions

Walter Black Editions
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Information for Collectors

In the above book listings, where it is appropriate, we have tried to provide our best information as to what constitutes a first edition. We are continually finding new information on this topic, so we make no guarantees. However, what we present on these pages is the best information available to us at this time.

For the best up-to-date information on first editions and values of books, we recommend contacting one of our member book dealers.


Additional information on First Editions and Book Collecting can be found by following the links below:

Collector FAQ's

Variants for the First Editions:
An Excerpt from Lloyd Rogers' Book, Zane Grey First Editions

Book Condition Guide:
How to Grade the Condition of a Book You are Trying to Sell or Buy

Harper's First Edition Codes

Home > The Writings of Zane Grey

Historical images of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey
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Historical photos of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey