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Home > The Writings of Zane Grey > Miscellaneous Works

Miscellaneous Works

Zane Grey's best known works were his Westerns, but he also wrote a number of books on alternative themes. Below is a listing of these works and works by other authors on Zane Grey. They are compiled in three categories:

Other Books
Where available, Haper's First Edition Codes are noted. For Information on Harper's First Edition Codes, click here.


Achievement by Leaders in World Affairs
American Educational Press - 1928.
A nice untitled 9 page article by Zane Grey concerning conservation.

Far From The World, The World is With Me
Readers Digest Promotional pamphlet - 1935.
Zane Grey Contribution.

The Last of the Plainsmen
Outing Publishing Co., New York, 1908.

Nassau, Cuba, Yucatan, Mexico: A Personal Note of Appreciation of these Nearby Foreign Lands.
(New York and Cuba Mail Steam Ship Co., New York, 1909)

Tales of Lonely Trails
Harper & Bros., New York,, 1922.
Code letters G-W and "First Edition" stated on copyright page.

Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon
Harper & Bros., New York, 1924.
Code letters B-Y.

Don - the Story of a Dog
Harper & Bros., New York, 1928.

Zane Greyfs Books of Camps and Trails
Harper & Bros., New York, 1931
Code letters G-F.

Last of the Great Scouts
Foreword by Zane Grey
Author: Helen Cody Wetmore, 1899.


Zane Grey: The Man and His Work
Harper & Bros., New York, 1928.

Zane Grey - Man of the West
Author: Jean Karr
Greenburg Publishing, 1949.

Zane Grey: A Documented Portrait
Author: Farley, G. M.
A Portals Book, 1986
128 pp.

Zane Grey: A Photographic Odyssey
Author: Dr. Loren Grey
Taylor Publishing, 1985

The Many Faces of Zane Grey
Author:Farley, G. M.
Philip Rulon & William Close, Sr., editors
Silver Spruce Publishing Co, 1993
221 pp.)

An Annotated Zane Grey Checklist
Author: Farley, G. M.
Amereon House, Mattituck, New York, 1988.

Zane Grey
Author: Gruber, Frank
World Publishing Co., 1970
284 pp.

Zane Grey
Author: Jackson, Carleton
Twayne Publishers, Inc., 1973
Revised, 1989
173 pp.

Zane Grey's Arizona
Author: Kant, Candace C.
Northland Press, 1984
184 pp.

Ace of Hearts: The Westerns of Zane Grey
Author: Kimball, Arthur G.
Texas Christian University Press, 1993
278 pp.

Conestogas to Kanab.
Author: Pfeiffer, Charles G.
1991, 66 pp.

The Surprise Valleys of Zane Grey.
Author: Pfeiffer, Charles G.
1990, 16 pp.

Zane Grey's Texas Novels:
What? Where? How to Get There.
Author: Pfeiffer, Charles G. Revised 1993, 46 pp.

Zane Grey
Author: Ronald, Ann
Boise State University, 1975
46 pp.

Zane Grey
Author: Schneider, Norris F.
Published by author, 1967, Zanesville, Ohio
32 pp.

Zane Grey - Romancing the West
Author: Stephen J. May
Ohio Univesity Press, Athens, Ohio, 1997.

Other Books by Zane Grey

The Day of the Beast
Harper & Bros., New York, 1922.
Code letters G-W and "First Edition" stated on copyright page.

The Wolf Tracker
Harper & Bros., New York, 1930.
Code letters C-E.

Call to Adventure
Greenberg Publishing, 1934.
A collection of stories by various authors. Zane Grey contributed pages 7 - 28 on his experiences with broadbill swordfish - entitled Swashbuckler of the Seven Seas.

The Woman Accused
Another collection of stories by various authors. Zane Grey contributed Chapter 3 - "The Plea"

Zane Grey Omnibus
Harper & Bros., New York, 1943.
Code letters B-S.

Zane Greyfs Roundup
Grossett & Dunlap, New York, 1943.

The Zane Grey Cookbook
Authors: Barbara and George Reiger
Prentice Hall, Enclewood Cliffs, NJ, 1976.

The Reef Girl
Harper, New York, 1977.

Zane Grey Outdoorsman
Author: George Reiger
Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1972.

The Camp Robber
Walter J. Black, Roslyn, New York, 1979.

George Washington, Frontiersman
University Press of Kentucky, 1994.

Home > The Writings of Zane Grey > Miscellaneous Works

Historical images of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey
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Historical photos of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey