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Home > Fishing Records

Zane Grey's All Tackle Deep-Sea Fishing Records

At one time, Zane Grey held the following records for deep sea fishing. All of the records have since been broken, but his accomplishments are still noted today by fishing enthusiasts.

  1. Bluefin Tuna, 758 Lbs. Nova Scotia, Canada 1924
  2. Yellowfin Tuna, 318 Lbs. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 1924
  3. Pacific Sailfish, 132 Lbs. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 1924
  4. Pacific Sailfish, 135 Lbs. Zihuateneyo, Mexico, 1924
  5. Yellowtail, 111Lbs. Bay of Islands, New Zealand, 1926
  6. Broadbill Swordfish, 582 Lbs. Catalina Island, California, 1926
  7. Pacific Dolphin, (Mahi Mahi), 53 Lbs. Vairao, Tahiti, 1930
  8. Giant Tahitian Striped Marlin, (Pacific Blue Marlin), 1040 Lbs, Vairao, Tahiti, 1930
  9. Pacific Sailfish, 170 Lbs. Vavau, Tonga Islands, 1931
  10. Pacific Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), 64 Lbs. Vairao, Tahiti, 1933
  11. Silver Marlin, 618 Lbs. Vairao, Tahiti, 1933
  12. Silver Marlin, 710 Lbs. Vairao, Tahiti, 1933
  13. Tiger Shark, 1036 Lbs. Sydney Australia, 1936
  14. Marlin, 450 Lbs. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Home > Fishing Records

Fishing images of Zane Grey used wih permission of Carolyn Timmerman, ZGWS, and Dr. Loren Grey

Other historical images of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey
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Historical photos of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey