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The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in and knowledge of the eminent American author, Zane Grey and his works; to revive interest in the writings of Zane Grey and preserve the sites of his writings so that future generations may realize the contributions made by Zane Grey toward the development of the adventure story in American literature.

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Contact Information:

For general questions, send to: tbolinger@zgws.org

ZGWS Officers

Terry Bolinger
Tel.: (303) 627-1855
E-mail: tbolinger@zgws.org
(Also Webmaster - send an email to him about any issues with this website)

Dr. Rosanne Vrugtman
Tel: 314-838-5453

E-mail: Vice-President

Sheryle Hodapp
Secretary - Treasurer
Tel.: 925-485-1325
E-mail: Secretary-treasurer

Jeanne Morton
Newsletter Editor

Tel.: 623-544-8441
E-mail: zgreview@cox.net


Todd Newport
Immediate Past-President
Tel.: (928) 273-0299
E-mail: tbnewport@cox.net

David Meyer
Tel: 509-551-1774
E-mail: dodgezg@charter.net

David Leeson

Grey Murphy

Executive Director

Dr. Joe L. Wheeler
E-mail: mountainauthor@gmail.com
Website: www.joewheelerbooks.com

Auction Managers

Debra Taylor
David Meyer

Home > Society Info

Historical images of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey and Zane Grey, Inc.
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Historical photos of Zane Grey used with permission of Dr. Loren Grey and Zane Grey Inc.