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Frequently Asked Questions

Please choose from the selction below to view answers to common questions about collecting Zane Grey books.

For additional information click here for a list of links to reference pages.

How can I determine if the book I have is a first
Most first editions Zane Grey books were published by Harper's. While there were a few books first published by other publishing houses, most were from Harper's. Therefore, if you have a Zane Grey book published by someone else, chances are that it is not a first edition and is a reprint. Look under the Writings page of this website to determine who the publisher of the first edition was.

Harpers used a code on most of their books to indicate first editions. This information will eventually be added to the Writings section of this website. However, the best resource for determining first editions is a booklet printed by Country Lane Books. Information on how to order this booklet can be found on the Member Dealers, Artists & Authors page of this website - go to the section on Country Lane Books.

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What is the value of my Zane Grey book?
Values of Zane Grey books are difficult to determine. As with any collectible, the value is often in the eye of the beholder. First Editions with dust jackets can command prices up to several hundred dollars. Without dust jackets, most first editions are worth substantially less. Original copies of "Betty Zane" can easily exceed a thousand dollars. However, reprints with dust jackets will typically go for less than $25 to $50. Reprints without dust jackets will rarely bring $10. For a better determination of the value of a specific book that you might have, we suggest that you contact one of the several Society Member Book Dealers.

As always, the condition of the collectible plays a major role in the value.

Also, there are exceptions to the rule, so in order to gain the best information you can on your particular book, please contact one of the Society Member Book Dealers.

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What effect does a dust jacket have on the value
of my Zane Grey book?
Dust jackets can increase the value of a Zane Grey book by several times. In fact, without a dust jacket, most reprints are considered to be reading copies. First Editions with dust jackets are becoming so rare that they are commanding extremely good values while a First Edition without a dust jacket is considered fairly common.

As always, there are exceptions to the rule, so in order to gain the best information you can on your particular book, please contact one of the Society Member Book Dealers.

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Were any of Zane Grey's books turned into
Over 100 movies have been made from the many books written by Zane Grey, beginning in the teens with silent movies to the last one made in the 1990's, Riders of the Purple Sage, starring Ed Harris and Amy Madigan.

Some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood starred in these movies. These individuals read like a who's who of Hollywood, including John Wayne, George Montgomery, Jack Holt, Tim Holt, Randolph Scott, Buster Crabbe, George O'Brien, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Sally Blane, Richard Arlen, Richard Dix, and Marsha Hunt.

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What types of Zane Grey movie collectibles
are available?
There are many different movie collectibles available, most notably several different styles of posters. Some of the more common are:
  • One sheet movie posters -- 27" by 41" -- most sought
  • One half-sheet posters -- 22" by 28"
  • Insert posters -- 14" by 36"
  • Lobby cards -- 11" by 14" -- normally released in a series of 8 different cards

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What were the Walter Black editions?
Walter Black Publishing House of Roslyn, NY, published 75 of Zane Grey's titles in the late 50's and 60's. Apparently, millions of copies of these were printed and distributed. They are very noticeable in their red and tan book bindings. Most have little value, but there are several that are worth quite a bit. These editions make great reading copies.

For more detailed information on these books and a list of titles, see our Walter Black Editions page

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I have seen several dealers advertising books
with a "blindstamp". What is a blindstamp?
A blindstamp is the indented mark you see on the back cover, lower right corner of a book to indicate it is either a book club edition (most often) or by a particular publisher. It may vary from an indented "dot" (book club) to an impressed copy of the publisher's logo. Regardless of which purpose that is what is known as a blindstamp.

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What are generally accepted practices for
grading the condition of books?
The following listing comes from one of our society member book dealers, Paul Schildgen, of Yesterday's Memories:

So you want to sell or buy some books and are not sure of what the various grades mean? Here is a paraphrase of the A. B. Bookmansf Grading guide, developed in 1949 and in general use by booksellers today.

As New: As it comes from the publisher. No defects, no markings, no library stamps, etc. Dust jacket if one was issued must be immaculate.

Fine: approaches As New but not crisp. Again no defects, markings, etc. If dust jacket has any minor damage it must be noted.

Very Good: A used book that shows small signs of wear, but no tears of either binding or paper. Any defects must be noted.

Good: The average used and worn book, with all pages and leaves present. Any defects must be noted.

Fair: A worn book that has complete text pages including any maps or plates, but may lack endpapers, half title, etc.

Often the terms gnearlyh gexcepth or gelseh appear in an attempt to further define the bookfs condition. While these terms serve that purpose, the condition of the book is still the next lower level.

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