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Walter J. Black Editions

The Walter J. Black Editions were reprints of seventy-three of Zane Grey's titles with one additional title appearing as a First Edition. The series also included a biography of Zane Grey. Produced in the 1950s and 1960s, they were bound in red and tan cloth and originally came in a rice paper cover.

Most of these books have little value, but the last thirteen in the list below are substantially rarer and can command higher values. Two titles, The Wolf Tracker and The Camp Robber normally have a higher value. The Wolf Tracker is almost impossible to find in the original Harper's Edition, so this title is, in many cases, collected by collectors who feel they will never find the original first. The Camp Robber is a First Edition in the Walter J. Black series. It was never published anywhere else other than a magazine serial. It is therefore highly collectible.

Disclaimer on Book Values

The ZGWS is has received many requests concerning the value of Walter J. Black Edition books. To gain a better understanding of the values of these books, we recommend that you contact a professional book dealer.

However, most of these titles in average condition can be purchased for $3 - $5 per book. The last 13 titles in the list below can command higher prices, especially if they are in excellent condition. Books in mint condition with the rice paper cover are becoming very rare and command higher prices.

Several years ago, we had reports of complete sets of the 75 titles in mint condition still with the rice paper covers bringing in excess of $1000. We have also heard of mint copies of The Wolf Tracker and The Camp Robber bringing more than $100 each. However, over the past 5 years or so, values have dropped dramatically. We have heard of complete sets selling for only a few hundred dollars and now you can find copies of the two rarest titles for well under $100 each.

The ZGWS makes no guarantees or claims about the value of these books. We suggest that you do not be disappointed when you are told that your Black Edition books are only worth $5 each. One suggestion is to check abebooks.com or ebay.com and see how similar books are selling there.

Listing of Zane Grey Walter J. Black Editions

1 Riders Of The Purple Sage
2 Thundering Herd
3 Wild Horse Mesa
4 Call Of The Canyon
5 Wildfire
6 Hash Knife Outfit
7 Shepherd Of Guadaloupe
8 Fighting Caravans
9 Western Union
10 West Of The Pecos
11 30,000 On The Hoof
12 Arizona Ames
13 Thunder Mountain
14 Sunset Pass
15 Mysterious Rider
16 To The Last Man
17 Vanishing American
18 Man Of The Forest
19 Twin Sombreros
20 Robber's Roost
21 Desert Gold
22 Heritage Of The Desert
23 Rogue River Feud
24 Shadow On The Trail
25 Code Of The West
26 Light Of Western Stars
27 Rainbow Trail
28 Border Legion
29 Under The Toonto Rim
30 Last Of The Plainsmen
31 Majesty's Rancho
32 Stairs Of Sand
33 Forlorn River
34 Desert Of Wheat
35 Raiders Of The Spanish Peaks
36 Drift Fence
37 Lone Star Ranger
38 Wilderness Trek
39 Knights Of The Range
40 Lost Wagon Train
41 Valley Of Wild Horses
42 U.P. Trail
43 Nevada
44 Deer Stalker
45 Wanderer Of The Wasteland
46 Trail Driver
47 Maverick Queen
48 Tappan's Burro
49 Betty Zane
50 Dude Ranger
51 Captives Of The Desert
52 Last Trail
53 Spirit Of The Border
54 Wyoming
55 Lost Pueblo
56 Black Mesa
57 Stranger From The Tonto
58 Fugitive Trail
59 Arizona Clan
60 Horse Heaven Hill
61 Ranger
62 Blue Feather
63 Boulder Dam
64 Zane Grey: Biography
65 Ken Ward In The Jungle
66 Red-Headed Outfielder
67 Roping Lions In The Grand Canyon
68 Shortstop
69 Young Forester
70 Young Lion Hunter
71 Young Pitcher
72 Day Of The Beast
73 Wolf Tracker
74 Reef Girl
75 Camp Robber

Home > The Writings of Zane Grey > Walter J. Black Editions

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