Fly Fishing In America

Zabe Grey's Rod, Reel and a nice catch. (Credit: BYU, L. Tom Perry Collections, MSS 8710, Box 101, File 12, Item 6592)

Zane Grey was not a "purist" when it came to fishing. If he could catch a big fish with bait, that's what he would do.  If trolling was effective, he trolled.  Most, he wanted to set records and set records is what he did.  During his life, Zane set fourteen salt water fishing records including a marlin and a shark weighing more than 1,000 pounds.  Click here to see those records. While these records brought him acclaim and personal pride, Zane may have enjoyed catching big fish on light fly rods. 

In the United States, Zane Grey's West Society can document that the author fly fished in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Oregon, New York, Washington, Montana. Since he wet a line pretty much every time he came upon a body of water, it's safe to say that he also enjoyed freshwater fishing in Texas, Arizona, California, Idaho, Wyoming and more. We just can't document whether he was casting flies.  

We hope you enjoy the following information about Zane Grey's documented fly fishing adventures in America!