Swiftcurrent Lake (Glacier National Park)

Grinnell Mt. from Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, Mont., Keystone View Company, c1918, Library of Congress No. 2018649820

The slide shown above shows the view from Many Glaciers Lodge on Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park.  It was taken in 1918, the year after Dolly and Zane Grey stayed at the lodge and fished at the Swiftcurrent Creek entrance to Swiftcurrent Lake.  Below we show a photo of that event confirming that Zane was fishing with a fly rod (though we don't know whether he was flyfishing).  The following quote is from Dolly's notes on the adventure with "Doc", her nickname for Zane who had closed his dentist office to become an author. 

Next morning, Doc suggested climbing one of the mountains, but I thought it would be lots more fun to fish in the lake. Everyone told us that the trout couldn't be caught, but I thought it would be worth trying. So we trolled across the lake to where the Swift Current (fitly named) entered it and there we cast. Presently Doc had a bite and caught a dandy Rainbow Trout – about 2 lbs. Then I caught one almost as large - great fun, for they were very gamy and leaped and fought. Then I had two more bites - the second a whopper. Oh, if I could only have gotten him! My cup of joy would have over-flowed.

Dolly Grey in boat while Zane Grey reels in a 2-pound rainbow in the Swiftcurrent Creek entrance to Swiftwater Lake (Credit: BYU, L. Tom Perry Collections)