Who Was Zane Grey?

Zane Grey born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1872. He became a writer who wrote books and articles from 1902 until 1939.  Most of his novels were about the Old West where cowboys rode horses and defended the honor of women with their six shooters. Though he has been dead for more than eighty years, Zane is still considered one of the best Western writers.  He wrote 68 of these cowboy stories.  His novel, Riders of the Purple Sage, is considered by the Library of Congress as  one of "The Books That Shaped America."  He also wrote books and articles about his fishing and hunting adventures around the world.

Zane did a lot of other exciting things.  He was a great baseball pitcher and hitter back in the early days of baseball.  He was also a dentist, but didn't enjoy pulling teeth.  Forturnately, he met and married a pretty young woman with a small inheritance who taught him how to write.  Soon he closed the doors to his dental office and moved from New York City to a home above the Delaware River in a little town called Lackawaxen.

It took several years before Zane's books and articles became popular, but eventually they did and soon he was the most published author in the world.  With his newly found wealth, Grey travelled all over the world hunting and fishing. However, even while he was on an adventure, Zane got up early each morning to write.  He explained to his son that he rose early to write the books that let them fish and hunt around the world. 

If you want to learn more about Zane Grey, click here to view a great video about the great author and adventurer.  

Zane Grey writing while on a fishing adventure to New Zealand in 1924.