Biographies and Analysis

The following works were independently published.  Each share a different perspective of Zane Grey and his works.  In most cases, you can buy a copy of a resource by clicking on the tile.  This will take you to Amazon where a copy was available on August 4, 2023. Certainly, these publications are available at other locations as well. For most titles, a brief description is provided.

Please be aware that there are more than forty wonderful titles listed so it may take some time looking through them all.

Dolly And Zane Grey: Letters From A Marriage -- April 28, 2008

by Candace C. Kant

 Kant's work delves into letters between Zane Grey and his wife, Dolly, for the entire time the couple dated and were married.  It discusses the nature of their unusual marriage and complicated personalities.  Included are letters that address Zane's search for literary subjects and inspiration, his battles with self-doubt and depression, and his hunger for ceaseless travel and the attentions of other woman. 

Zane Grey: His Life, His Adventures, His Women -– November 21, 2005

by Thomas H. Pauly

Thomas H. Pauly's work was the first full-length biography of Grey to appear in over thirty years. Using a hitherto unknown trove of letters and journals, including never-before-seen photographs of his adventures--both natural and amorous--Zane Grey has greatly enlarged and radically altered the current understanding of the superstar author, whose fifty-seven novels and one hundred and thirty movies heavily influenced the world's perception of the Old West.

Zane Grey: A Photographic Odyssey -– January 1, 1985

by Loren Grey

Compiled by Zane Grey's youngest son, this work traces the Western writer's life and career, shows his home, family, and travels, and documents his lifelong interest in fishing and hunting.  As suggested by the title, the book tells Grey's story through wonderful photographs supplemented with his son's commentary. 

Zane Grey: Romancing The West -– October 21, 2005

by Stephen J. May

In Zane Grey: Romancing the West, author Stephen J. May traces the career of Grey by analyzing the development of his novels and popularity and the degree to which that shaped his world. The book also investigates Grey’s personal life—from his fling with Hollywood to his passion for deep-sea fishing—illuminating the literature that shaped America’s vision of itself through one of its most enduring and cherished myths.

Zane Grey: A Study in Values - Above and Beyond the West -- Special Limited Edition

by Charles Pfeiffer

This book, authored by Mr. Chuck Pfeiffer, a member of the Zane Grey's West Society, and one of the world's leading authorities on Zane Grey is destined to become one of the seminal works on this author. The book is painstakingly and meticulously researched. Mr. Pfeiffer has visited many of the actual sites that the novels were based on. He has spent hours in the field reaching these sites, interviewing locals with recollections and memories of Grey's travel in the area, has re-read the frontier romances in order to draw details, and has had access to many of Grey's handwritten diaries. 

Zane Grey's Wild West: A Study of 31 Novels –- November 20, 2013

by Victor Carl Friesen

This is a literary discussion of one-half of Zane Grey's Westerns, selected to best show the broad scope of this popular author's interests in the West. The text explains how these novels "work," while pointing out Grey's ecological concern for the natural world--its vastness, color and beauty. Wild nature provides a powerful setting but is a determinant of action and of character too. The range of subjects encompasses not only cowboys but also prospectors, foresters and other frontiersmen, from the end of the Revolutionary War to the flapper era of the 1920s. World War I veterans, including an American Indian, are portrayed in several books, and women are colorful main protagonists in others, all uniquely characterized.

Zane Grey: Man of the West -- 1948

by Jean Karr

1948 biography of Zane Grey, available as a Kindle book; occasionally hard copies are available. 

Bibliographical Check List for the Writings of R.C. Grey, Romer Grey and Zane Grey -- January 1, 1995

Compiled by Edwdard and Judith Myers

Available in very limited edition on August 3, 2023

The Undiscovered Zane Grey Fishing Stories -- January 1, 1983

Compiled by George Reiger

Stories and articles by Zane Grey describe a young boy's introduction to fishing, an old man who finally sees the ocean, deep-sea fishing, unusual species of game fish, and America's vanishing wilderness

Who's Who in the Western Fiction of Zane Grey -- 2008

by John Donahue

This book provides an index of the major and minor characters in Zane's Western novels and short fiction. It provides a brief summary of each character and includes a complete list of the novels or short stories in which the character appears. In many cases, the author also provides an analysis of the character's thematic significance within Grey's Western fiction as a whole.

The Best of Zane Grey, Outdoorsman: Hunting and Fishing Tales -- 1972

compiled by George Reiger

While this anthology stories authored by Zane Grey is outstanding, of special significance for researchers will be his outstanding introduction covering Grey's entire career and commentary preceding each story.  

Zane Grey's Arizona -- 1984

by Candace C. Kant

Kant focuses specifically on Zane Grey's presence in Arizona and his works about the state. Her commentary is extensive and of value to many researchers.

Ace of Hearts: The Westerns of Zane Grey -- 1993 

by Arthur Kimball

Presents a new perspective on the series of novels that created the stereotype of The Old West, published 1912-39, by looking at the romantic and erotic elements in Grey's portrayal of the landscape, the Code of the West, good guys and bad guys, and women. An appendix lists all 56 Zane Grey novels of the Old West. 

Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage: The Real Story Behind the Wild West's Greatest Tale  --2021 

by Stephen J. May

Zane Grey faced mountains of rejection and disappointment in publishing his early novels, but when Riders of the Purple Sage was published in 1912, and it set in motion the entire Western genre in books, movies, and eventually country western music. It was and remains an epic, colorful novel, filled with action, romance, and vivid descriptions of the Old West. Drawing on his letters, diaries, and personal papers, the story of his growth as a writer and of the creation of this book is a rags-to-riches saga sure to appeal to writers of any age, history buffs, motion picture fans, and lovers of music. Plus, it is a story set against the grandeur and sublimity of the American West.

Zane Grey: A Biography -- 1969

by Frank Gruber

Gruber's biography offers a biography covering all of the historic details of his life in a manner that honors the great author.  He does not touch heavily on some of the darker moments as is the case with some later biographers. 

Sister of the Sage: Zane Grey's Heroines of the West --2025

By Ed Meyer

This work spotlights several of Zane Grey's most famous heroines and explores the nature of courage as it was reflectdc in different ways by each woman. 

Maynard and Zane: Two Icons of the Old West --2018

by Ed Meyer

This full color, 28-page booklet showcases the art of the renowned Western artist, Maynard Dixon, and the word pictures of Zane Grey, the creator of the Western romance novel.

The Doctor's Wild Horses: An Anthology of Zane Grey's Mustang Stories --2018

Compiled by Ed Meyer

This work explorers Zane Grey's love for horses through selected stories and actual photos graphs of Grey and his equine friends. 

Filming the West of Zane Grey -- 2016

By Ed Hulse

Some 111 feature-length films and two cliffhanger serials were adapted directly from Grey’s stories, and Filming the West of Zane Grey covers each one in detail. Casts, credits, plot synopses, contemporaneous reviews, release dates, running times, alternate titles—just about everything you’d want or need to know about Zane Grey movies is here. And it’s all tied together with an extensive, analytical, bio-historical essay by film historian Ed Hulse.

Cooking for Zane Grey Under the Tonto Rim --2015

Compiled by Jayne Peace Pyle

RARE cookbook printed at the time Zane Grey's cabin in Payson, Arizona was dedicated in 2005. The author chose food as the centerpiece to explore the practices and history of the early pioneer people who lived and worked with Zane Grey. These are the stories of the settlers under the Toronto Rim who guided Zane Grey on bear and lion hunts and prepared his meals.

Zane Grey (Twayne's United States Author Series) --1989

by Carlton Jackson

Carlton Jackson is a well published historian who penned this history of Zane Grey which is included in the Twayne's United States Author Series.

Zane Grey, A Documented Portrait: The Man, The Bibliography, The Filmography

By G.M. Farley

This is a rare publication by the co-founder of Zane Grey's West Society.  It is rare and we do not have a review of its contents.  However, Farley perhaps the most knowledgeable person in the world at the time of his passing.

Identification Guide to Zane Grey First Editions and Other Collectible Publications --2008

by Jeffrey Arnold

A 200 page 'pocket size' reference guide containing descriptions for all of Zane Grey's First Editions, including his 56 Western novels, his Youth Books, and his many Fishing Books. There are 150 colored photographs showing many selections of his First Editions, Dust Jackets, the Collector Series, Photoplays, Big Little Books, Comic Books, Special Editions and more. It's 'easy to read' format is divided into major sections for 'quick referencing'. There is also information on 'Grading a Book's Condition' and 'Pricing Sources'.

Zane Grey: A Book Checklist --1996)

by G.M. Farley

This is a 76 page booklet by the co-founder of Zane Grey's West Society.  In include every book by or about Zane Grey, his brother and his son.  It also has three original essays by Farley.

The following titles were also recommended by Zane Grey's West Society members:

Zane Grey: The Man and His Work (no author or editor noted).  1928, Harper and Brothers.

 Zane Grey, by Norris F. Schneider.  1967 pamphlet, published by the author.

 Zane Grey, by Ann Ronald.  1975 pamphlet, Boise State University.

 An Annotated Zane Grey Checklist, by G. M. Farley.  1988, Amereon House.

 Maverick Heart: The Further Adventures of Zane Grey, by Stephen J. May.  2000, Ohio University Press.

 Zane Grey First Editions: An Analytic Compendium of Determinative Point, by Lloyd Rogers. 1986. Portals.