Learning More About Zane Grey

Many guests may remember the old "card catalogs" that were once available in public and school libraries.  Archives present similar information in documents called "Finding Aids."  This presentation presents a wealth of finding aids about a specific topic- Zane Grey. Other resources presented in other formats are provided as well. 

For anyone interested in learning more about the Western romance author, Zane Grey, there is no lack of information.  For a quick reminder of his life and works,  the National Park Service,  Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River provides a well done summary you can view by clicking here. Many researchers look for more in-depth information.

Several books have been written about this complex man and his works.  A bibliography listing several of the best such works is listed for your enjoyment  under the heading "Biographies and Analysis."

In addition, the "Zane Grey's West Society Archives" provide links to considerable information about the great author. 

In 2018, Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River, National Park Service, working with the Society, published a brochure entitled "Researcher's Guide Zane Grey Archives". This important publication directs researchers to many other Zane Grey collections without delving into each collection to a great degree.

The "Public and Private Collections" heading, supplements the NPS brochure by accessing the actual Finding Aids for those collections and more. These finding aids come in a wide variety of styles ranging from typewritten pages to web-based presentations and, in some cases, even to actual digital images.  Researchers will want to contact the owners of the collections to learn how to access and use their information. 

"Web Stories" allow the researcher to directly access several outstanding online "stories" about Grey. "Zane Grey's West Society Newsletters" provides access to newsletters published for more than 50 years by the best researchers in the world regarding the author. "Presentations" leads you to Zane Grey presentations made available by their respective authors. 

Zane Grey's West Society is the non-profit organization responsible for developing this presentation.  New members are welcome and can join by clicking here.