The Rainbow Trail (1925)

In 1925, Zane Grey fans were treated to three films based on Zane Grey novel.  Two were released by Fox Film Corporation and one by Paramount Pictures.  The Rainbow Trail was the second of that year's Fox Films, following The Riders of the Purple Sage. 

The May 9, 1925 edition of Exhibitor's Herald summarized the theme of the movie: 

"Story: Hero has to enter a lawless settlement in order to reach the valley imprisoning his uncle and companions. Fights against heavy odds when he rescues the girl to save her from a forced marriage."

The "hero" is John Shefford, played by Tom Mix.  The "girl" is Fay Larken, portrayed by Anne Cornwall.  Most of the other characters from the novel appear in the movie as well. 

Videos of The Rainbow Trail are illusive, if they exist at all. Librivox provides an audiobook of the novel here or you can read the novel in its entirety here

Though the film credits speak of Mabel Ballin, her appearances were only clips recycled from Riders of the Purple Sage.  It is Anne Cornwall who plays Fay Larkin opposite Tom Mix's John Shefford.  

Anne had a career that lasted over three decades.  However, there is a huge difference between her roles during and after the end of silent films.  Though she wasn't the greatest female star of silent movies, she certainly played a leading role in many films. In addition to Mix, she played opposite stars including Lionel Barrymore, Hoot Gibson, Laurel & Hardy and Buster Keaton.  Though her films included mysteries and westerns, her greatest successes were in comedies.  Perhaps the greatest of these was the highly acclaimed College (1927) in which she portrayed the "belle of the campus" who fell in love with a sad sack Buster Keaton.  After the end of the silent era, Cornwall never again played in a starring role, often appearng in uncredited roles. 

Anne Maxwell surrounded by adoring men in College (1927)

As is the case with lobby cards from the era, the following cards add to the draw of the movie's poster.