Zane Grey wrote 68 novels, mostly about the Old West, as well as dozens of stories and articles enjoyed by millions of readers around the world. His novels were adapted into an amazing 111 movies. Six of these movies starred Tom Mix, a colorful actor known by many as the "Rhinestone Cowboy." Joining him were several of the most beautiful actresses of the day.  His constant co-star was "Tony, the Wonder Horse."

This web story shares colorful posters and lobby cards from Mix's five Zane Grey movies as well as a selected of still images from the movies.  It is presented by the non-profit Zane Grey's West Society. 

All five of Tom Mix's films based on Zane Grey novels were Fox Film Corporation silent movies.  In today's world of action movies with amazing special effects, a world with films from the early day's of cinema is a whole new world for many film buffs.  Let's begin Tom Mix and Zane Grey's Silent Westerns with a quick overview of how movies were made way back then!