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Jerry Matney

The Sandy Creek Boys - A Memoir

This boyhood memoir contains nearly 100 tales about the Matney boys, four brothers who found inventive and rambunctious ways to have fun in and around Sandy Creek and the nearby countryside. From the 1930s to the 1950s, these brothers and their friends entertained each other both in and out of trouble.

The stories recounted in The Sandy Creek Boys range from intimate to hilarious to hair raising, including episodes on a north Texas farm, in the nearby towns, at school, and a short stint in the local jail. The stories are based on the lives of Jerry A Matney and his three brothers, who grew up in Wise County, Texas. Several of the boys' childhood friends feature prominently in these stories, particularly the boy who liked to set off fireworks at school and theater.

These stories are recounted in chronological order, beginning with a short history of the Matney's move to Texas.


Sandy Creek
Five Scalps

Five Scalps - The Life of Edward Rose

The exciting true story about an early American adventurer - part African American, part Cherokee and part White - who was a warrior, scout, and interpreter who lived an exciting life on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

This book tells the true story of a wild adventurer named Edward Rose, who lived in the American frontier during the early 1800s. Rose started out in Louisville and New Orleans before he traveled up the Mississippi and into a new life living with the Crow and Arikara. The natives started calling him Five Scalps after a fierce battle in which he took five scalps. While he lived with the Crow, Five Scalps helped tutor Pine Leaf, who became Woman War Chief.

Edward Rose worked for trading and expedition companies as trader, guide and interpreter. The French, British and Americans called him "Rose." Ed Rose trapped and hunted alongside several famous mountain men, including Jim Bridger, Bill Williams, Jim Beckwith and Hugh Glass.


Woman War Chief

Read the captivating true story of a female Native American leader and warrior called Woman Chief.

Experience Native American life with the Crow woman who bravely lived and fought in Western America during the 1800s.

A great hunter, a fearless warrior and a devoted friend, Woman Chief hunted buffalo, fought enemies and stole horses -- all for the good of her tribe. A quick learner and clever businesswoman, she not only participated in tribal councils, but traded furs and other goods with American, English and French trappers.  

Rich in both details and drama, this true story of Woman War Chief transports the reader back into the early 1800s, living among the River Crow.  You'll learn how a precocious female captive struggled to become a warrior instead of a lodge woman, who succeeded in becoming a leader among the same people who took her captive!


Woman War Chief

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