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"The End of the Trail" is a sculpture by James Earle Fraser. This plaster version Plaster sculpture exhibited at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. (1915). Some believe it may have inspired the ending to Zane Grey's Theā€¦

Bible scene.JPG
Image from 1925 Paramount Pictures film, The Vanishing American, showing Nophaie's death scene.

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Still from silent version of The Vanishing American showing Marian teaching Nophaie.

Still from silent version of The Vanishing American (1925) showing the death of Nophaie

Still shot from The Vanishing American (1925) showing Booker manhandling Marian Warner.

1925 poster.JPG
Poster marketing the silent film version of The Vanishing American (1925)

Photo of Nophaie (Richard Dix) and Marian (Lois Wilson) from 1925 American silent Western film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed through Paramount Pictures.


1st page of first serial of "The Vanishing American" in The Ladies Home Journal, Nov. 1922
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