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View of Navajo Mountain from the south, from edge of Navajo Creek tributary (1928)

This photograph was taken by either Zane Grey or another unknown photographer during Zane Grey's trip to Rainbow Bridge in April 1922. Two Native American women hold their babies who are in cradleboards at Kayenta, Arizona.

Ladies Illustration.JPG
Illustration by Pruett Carter of Nophaie and Marian Warner from Ladies Home Journal, December 1922

illus Marian_NophaieCircles.jpg
Illustration of Marian Warner and Nophaie in The Vanishing America as used in (The Ladies Home Journal 1923) and (Harpers 1925 edition) Colored circles added by Ed Meyer.

Illustration of Marian and Mrs. Withers by Pruett Carter. Used in both The Ladies Home Journal serial of the Vanishing American (1923) and the Harpers and Brothers 1925 edition.

Blucher 4.jpg
Illustration of Blucher and Morgan (Blucher circled) from The Ladies Home Journal, 1923

illus- Daughter of Do_Etin.jpg
Illustration entitled "Daughter of Do-Etin", (Ladies Home Journal, 1923)
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