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Zane Grey Magazine Articles, Stories and Serials- Fiction

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The popularity of Zane Grey's works was as much, if not more, due to their first appearance in America's magazine's.  This exhibit includes scans of serial editions of his western fictions that later were published as novels as well as his shorter works that might be classified as novellas. 

Fans flocked to the newstands to buy the most popular magazines of the day and read a few chapters of a Zane Grey romance story.  In some cases, readers were treated to short stories that were presented in a single edition though serials lasting several editions were common.

Not only did fans read that edition's installment, but they alway saw illustrations that made the stories come alive.  They were also greeted with advertisments from that early time that are a joyful reflection of the day.  You will delight in reading Grey's fictions of the West in this unusual format. 

Click on the title in the column to the left and you will first see the cover of that month's edition.  You need to "click" on the cover image once, then once again. This lets the text download after which you can read everything as it originally appeared. 

Grey's works are listed alphabetically.  Titles listed with an asterik (*) were published as serials and not all serial editions are available. Sadly, we do not have magazine editions for all Zane Grey's western fiction works at this time. We also are unable to share stories published after 1928 at this time due to copyright laws. As these stories become available, they will be added.

If a guest has a serial edition that would help us complete our online collection, please contact Zane Grey's West Society at

Zane Grey and the Comics: Tex Thorne


The mid-to-late 1930s were a tough years for Zane Grey.  It was the middle of the Great Depression so he wasn't getting paid much for his magazine articles, novels or movies.  He was also in an ongoing battle with the Internal Revenue Service. When an opportunity came up to make a buck, he took advantage of it.

His agent, Stephen Slesinger came to his with one such opportunity... comics.  Grey thought the project might conflict with his image as a serious author, but needed the money so he passed the project on to his son, Romer Zane Grey, who had already been dabbling in the cartoon industry. Romer took the project and ran with it.

This presentation is about Tex Thorne, a "shoot 'em up" cowboy in all his glory.  Tex was only around for two years, but he appeared in newspapers, comic books, an illustrated novel and, later, in a radio broadcast. 



Synopses, Character Profiles & Research Notes for Zane Grey Novels

Elmer A. Guerri has taught more than twenty classes on various Zane Grey novels over the past decade.  Zane Grey's West Society is honored that he is a member of its organization.  For each Zane Grey novel Mr. Guerri taught, he prepared a summary, a brief profile of the characters, a synopsis of each chapter and research notes relative to the work.  He is generously making this information available to others who may want to teach a class of their own.  His information is appropriate for use in high schools and colleges or in any number of community presentations.

The synopses can be of value to the casual reader in two ways. First,  a new reader will benefit from a quick overview of the work to determine whether to read the entire novel.  It will also help them to read the research notes as well. Secondly, long time Zane Grey fans will benefit by referencing the synopses to reacquaint them with the novel without having to read it again.  

Click on the name of the novel shown to the left that most interests you.  You will be directed to Mr. Guerri's synopsis for that work.  Additional study guides will be presented as they become available.

Copy Editor For Mr. Guerri's Synopses: Nancy Stenger, ZGWS
Digital Archivist: Ed Meyer, ZGWS

Zane Grey Audio Books


There are many ways to enjoy a Zane Grey novel.  Audio books are a necessity for some fans and a welcome option for others.  Zane Grey's West Society is providing access to many great Grey works through the  courtesy of the Internet Archives and LibriVox.  

Included are the twenty works completed to date.  Others will be included as they become available. 

Click on a book to the left to read that title's audio book.

Zane Grey Magazine Articles, Stories and Serials- Non-Fiction

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This exhibit allows readers to enjoy non-fiction articles by Zane Grey through scans of the actual magazine articles in which they originally appeared.  All articles are in public domain and others will be added when available and appropriate. Articles listed with an asterik (*) were published as serials and not all serial editions are available. 

We are not providing any introduction to a story.  We want you to enjoy the story as readers did in the last century as they opened the magazine and saw it listed in that publication's index.

The names of articles are listed to the left.  Click on the article of your choice and you will be directed to it. 

Most of the articles talk about Grey's adventures in the great outdoors.  Occasionally, an article will feature the author's perspective on a person, place or topic that was important to him.