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The Vanishing American: More Than Just a Western Novel


This exhibit tells the back story of The Vanishing American, Zane Grey's tribute to the Navajo, Hopi and Paiute people... and to all indigenous people. It is a story of love, tragedy and one man's spiritual journey.

For those not familiar with the author's works, Dr. Joe Wheeler, the co-founder of Zane Grey's West Society, explains:

"Zane Grey, the Western writer, shaped the way the world will forever perceive the 'Old West.' Zane Grey's name on theater marquees was a bigger draw than the top Hollywood stars of his day.  In 57 novels, 10 books of Western nonfiction, and 130 movies, Grey, who died in 1939 at age 67, almost single-handedly created the 'Myth of the West.' His respectful treatment of Indians was ahead of its time; his word paintings of some of the worlds most spectacular country may never be equaled."

(Points West Chronicle: Spring-Summer 1996)

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