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Movie Poster Images for the 1932 Zane Grey movie South Seas Adventure


Movie Poster Images for the 1932 Zane Grey movie South Seas Adventure, including Lobby Cards and one sheet posters.  Zane Grey starred in this movie himself.  Author Zane Grey leads a big-game fishing expedition from his home on Santa Catalina Island, off the California coast, to the South Seas.

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Movie Posters for the 1933 Zane Grey Movie The Mysterious Rider


A collection of images of the movie posters for the 1933 Zane Grey movie The Mysterious Rider.

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Zane Grey on "The Rock" (Newfoundland)

Dennys Pond Brook 2022.jpg

In 1936, Zane Grey wrote a brief article for use in a sporting goods company's brocure.  The article is entitled "The Madness of the Game" and addresses a wide range of issues relating to fly fishing.  The following quote from that article is eye-opening to anyone who has researched the author's history:

"In Newfoundland I fished the South Shore rivers–they call those grand rivers "brooks"–using the wet fly, and in Burnt Island Brook, Grandy's Brook, the Gray [Grey] River and the Bay du Nord River, I had wonderful salmon fishing. I also fished the Grand Codroy on the west coast of Newfoundland, failing in this beautiful river with the dry fly. I also had a crack at the Miramichi, and some rivers of the Gaspe Peninsula, but I do not want to brag about that experience."

Why is this quote eye opening?  The most ardent Zane Grey fan knows almost nothing about the rivers of Newfoundland and Grey's experience there.  Places like the Miramichi River [New Brunswick] and the Gaspe Peninsula [Twenty-two salmon rivers in Eastern Quebec] will be a total revelation.  Their carefully assembled calendars of where Grey was every day of his adult life will be shattered.  How did he have time to fish waters we didn't know existed? But he did.

This presentation is limited to two months Zane Grey spent fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland.  It also suggests that those well versed in Grey, rethink their assumptions.  

I hope you will enjoy Zane Grey on the Rock knowing that the much of the information you view has been buried in archives and collections for more than a half century. 

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Zane Grey and Arizona's Tribes


Many of Zane Grey's novels were written about people and places in Arizona.  Several of the stories featured Native American people, often living on reservations located in the state. This exhibit shares the connection between these Native people and seven of Grey's great Western works. 

Zane Grey's West Society acknowledge several sources for the images shown in this exhibit.  Of special note is the work of Edward S. Curtis at the turn of the 20th century.  Additional information on Curtis is available here. 

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Fly Fishing with Zane Grey

Zane Grey was one of the world's greatest fishermen during his lifetime.  He fished in waters around the world for record-setting fish... and just for fun.  This exhibit spotlights examples of his fly fishing adventures.