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Postcards from Dolly and Zane Grey's Honeymoon

MSS 8316 Box 1 Folder 6 Honeymoon 1.JPG

Zane Grey and Lina Elise (Dolly) Roth were married in 1905 after dating for five, somewhat tulmultuous and sometimes steamy, years.  She was much younger and studying to become a school teacher.  Dolly recognized Zane's writing potential and became his mentor.  Even before their marriage, she met with publishers to promote Grey's early works. 

"Postcards from Zane and Dolly Grey's Honeymoon" provides a snapshot of the places the couple visited on their honeymoon, likely financed from Dolly's small inheritance.  Zane sent these seventeen postcards to his brother, R.C. Grey. Many include his own handwritten comments.

These images are provided courtesy of Brigham Young University's L. Tom Perry Collections.